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Business and Investment in Australia

Investing to gain Residence in Australia for you and your family

Australian Migration Consultancy Services specialises in business and investment immigration. With a level of experience matched by very few, we aim to assist our clients, from around the world, in achieving their business objectives in the stable and consistent business environment of Australia. We offer you advanced legal and immigration advice, business advice and referral, co-operation with leading multinational and local accountancy specialists.

Business and investment migration clients are in a fortunate position, as despite the impact of world events (e.g. Covid-19), Australia is likely always going to welcome entrepreneurial and investment minded clients.

Business and investor visas

Australia has a range of business and investor visas that allow people who can contribute to Australia’s economy to live in Australia. You can do this by investing in an established business or, if you have the right business experience, by buying or setting-up your own business. Some of the business and investor visas include:

  • Business Innovation and Investment Visa
  • Business Owner Visa
  • Business Talent Visa
  • Investor Visa
  • State or Territory Sponsored Business Owner Visa
  • State or Territory Sponsored Investor Visa

Australian Migration Consultancy Services can advise you on whether a business or investor visa is appropriate for your situation.

Why Australia?

Few could argue in today’s volatile world environment that Australia probably represents a prudent and safe investment environment, whilst also potentially protecting your financial position. Australian Migration Consultancy Services assist you and your family in gaining residence in one of the safest most stable countries in the world.

The Australian Trade And Investment Commission produced a benchmark report in 2019. Here are some key points about why Australia represents a great opportunity for business and investing.

  • A resilient economy
    An enviable record of steady growth proves the robustness of Australia’s economy and its reliability as a low-risk and safe environment in which to do business.
  • Globally significant industries
    Australia is renowned for its abundance of resources, capability and talent. It is globally successful in the energy and resources, agribusiness, education, tourism and financial services industries.
  • Smart, enterprising people
    Education, innovation and science underpin Australia’s economic prosperity and job creation.
  • Connected to the world
    Australia has an open and globally integrated economy, making it a trusted partner for trade and investment.
  • A stable business location
    Australia’s democratic institutions and sound governance create certainty for multinational companies looking for a lowrisk environment in which to do business.

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