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How it works

  1. first enquiry
  2. initial conversation by telephone (free)
  3. initial written assessment by a Registered Agent
  4. occupational assessment trade assessment
  5. compilation of documents
  6. answering your questions
  7. lodging your application
  8. living in Australia

You will initially be contacted, usually by telephone or email, by our Client Services Agent or Manager  who determines your eligibility to be assisted by a registered migration agent who is likely to handle your case from start to finish. Our Client Service Agent gives no migration advice .You will be the registered agents client. You will be informed about whether you are eligible for a formal assessment of your emigration eligibility and then your registered agent will help you to commence the immigration process knowing you know you are informed, relating to likelihood of success, time-frames, visa classes occupational issues, trade issue and business and employment advice . You will also know what the costs are going to be in and how to control the costs in advance of deciding to proceed.

During the course of your file, you may need help with a matter that requires legal advice then your Registered agent will handle those questions for you and if they feel that appropriate the matter will be referred to a specialist to make sure that you have expert specialised Australian migration and legal advice.

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