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Character Waiver Applications

Australian Migration Consultancy Services are expert in the fields of character waiver applications.

Having a prior conviction, denial of entry or previous deportations can be immensely stressful if you want to revisit Australia for a holiday, to see family or employment. No one wants to get turned away at the airport.

Whether you are wishing to migrate to Australia or simply wishing to visit temporarily, having a criminal conviction may prove problematic in meeting the character test which is a necessary requirement of any visa for entry into Australia.

However, where a person does not meet the character test because of a criminal record, an application can be made to the Department of Home Affairs seeking the granting of a visa despite the criminal record. The Department of Home Affairs will take into account various factors when considering whether to grant a visa in these circumstances.

Australian Migration Consultancy Services can help you with making an application to the Department of Home Affairs seeking a reconsideration of the character test requirement and the granting of a visa.

Whilst Home affairs makes the final decision, we will do our utmost to assist you to successfully put this issue behind you.

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