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The first step is to fill out our free on line immigration enquiry .  For specific immigration advice on any of the matters which follow, you will need talk to speak to us directly once we are instructed and which is possible once you wish to proceed further with an application.  Assistance to clients with the selection of service, the terms of engagement and pricing of services are all given in writing .

Q: Can the immigration regulations, processing times and conditions change at any time?

A: Yes. As you may currently meet the regulations; you can choose to proceed now, but being aware of this condition.

Q: You have not seen my documents yet. Can my visa class, conditions and immigration pathway change once I go ahead and sign the service agreement from what is outlined in an initial full-check report?

A: Yes, your position all dependent on sighting your original documentation. Remember the authorities can change the regulations at whim.

Q: If I get a job offer with an early start date before my residence visas have been granted, can I obtain a temporary work, employment nomination visa to start the job?

A: Yes, a work visa can be obtained.

Q: If I am eligible for a number of visa classes, do I need to sign your terms of engagement and send you my documents to work out which one is most appropriate for me?

A: Yes, once you have signed our terms of engagement, we will be able to provide you with detailed advice as to the path forward.

Q: Can you guarantee that I can obtain a qualifying, relevant job offer? Do I need to be actively involved in searching/attending interviews?

A: No, we cannot guarantee that you will obtain a job offer or that we will get you a job offer.  We strongly encourage you to be actively involved in researching for a job and attending interviews if permitted under the terms of your visa.

Q: Why does Australia have all these immigration rules and why do the immigration authorities need to see all my documents?

A: Australia has immigration rules to ensure that potential migrants meet the specific requirements as set out by law and policy in the specific category that they are applying under.

Q: Is there a risk my application could be refused by the immigration authorities for any reason?

A: Yes, your application could be turned down on a number of grounds, such as not meeting the specific category requirement, not meeting health, character or English requirements.

Q: Where am I located?

A:  We  are located  in various locations in Australia and New Zealand. The registered Agent working on your file run their own independent practices and are fully responsible for the work that they undertake for you.

Q Are you a law firm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

A: We are a Migration Consultancy company working with independent registered migration agents but we do refer work to independent lawyers to work on your behalf.

Q: How can I get in contact with you?

A:  All communication will be by way of email and telephone calls.  Personal meetings are welcomed by arrangement dependent on your location. The contact details of your registered consultant will be in all their correspondence

Q: If the visa is not approved, do I receive my money back or part of my money back?

A:  No we do not provide a money back system.  We will invoice you for all work that we perform on your file.  We do stand by our service though and are 100% committed to giving you an excellent service

Q: Can fees rise above the top end of the quotation without my approval?

 A: We aim to give you the power to ask that less work is done if you wish to incur a lower fee.  We can only charge up to the maximum amount of the fee range, but if circumstances change or additional chargeable work is required, we  reserve the right to ask you in advance for your approval.

Q: If necessary, how much does the English Test cost and how/when do I arrange it?

A:  The IELST test cost varies between different countries.  You can check the website for further information on www.ielts.org.

 Q; Approximately, how many visa classes does Australia  have?

A:  Australia has 4 main types of  visas :  Residence, Family, Business and Temporary class visa, such as Work, Study and Visitor visas.

Q: Do I need to fund all the costs of obtaining the visa, relocation costs and travel costs myself?

A:  Yes.